Which piano brand is the best?

While films utilize box office earnings as a yardstick to determine the highest-grossing and the many prosperous movies, there’s no recognized yardstick when it has to do with pianos. How can it be possible then to get a critical ranking of the top 10 best-selling piano manufacturers on earth?

The reality is, nobody can provide you a definitive collection of the top 10.

  1. Steinway & Sons
  2. Mason & Hamlin
  3. Bosendorfer
  4. Fazioli
  5. Kawai
  6. Bechstein
  7. Baldwin
  8. Charles R. Walter
  9. Yamaha

This is because picking a piano is a really subjective and personal thing, and it’s not the same experience from person to person. Even famous composers such as Beethoven, Liszt, Ravel, and Bartok possess their own favorite piano manufacturers. Everybody is looking for something which produces the piano really his. Therefore, a piano that’s best for you, may not be the selection of another one.

Not surprisingly, a search online indicates that for each site which presents such a record, there’s a disclaimer saying what’s presented signifies a private opinion, and the reader is cautioned to not rely solely upon the printed information and he must exercise his own conclusion.

Well, here is a proposal. Statistically speaking, if we gather enough samples using a high confidence level, we could set a listing of top 10 piano producers using a high probability they are really worthy. To put it differently, if a specific piano manufacturer is current in all of the sample lists, then we could have a leap of faith and think it’s really among the very best. The image below shows the accumulated data, together with the piano manufacturers sorted out of the above to at the least.

Sad to say, the chance that some lists are biased cannot be denied, and we’re in the unknown if these lists are in fact boosting the mentioned piano manufacturers blatantly. After all, there’s absolutely no yardstick, and everyone has his freedom of speech on this subject.

In our very best efforts, the outcomes will be updated so whenever new lists are added to the samples.

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