How long does it take to learn piano?

So you finally made the choice to take some piano lessons. The question today is how long can it take to find out? I have been linking music pupils to educators for approximately 6 decades now, and it is still among the most requested questions. I struggle with providing a fantastic response over the telephone. It is not a terrible matter, it is only a difficult one to answer. To be able to answer the query though we have to comprehend what”learning piano” really means to you.

How Long to Master the Piano?

Piano, or music generally, can totally take over your lifetime. When I was growing up I’d practice 6-8 hours daily, and I’d take 2-3 hours of lessons per week. I lasted this through faculty. I do not take lessons , but it does not mean that they would not make me a much better pianist. Malcolm Gladwell famously said that it requires 10,000 hours to learn an art. 10,000 hours is approximately 90 minutes each day for 20 decades. Just thinking about practicing a half an hour per day? Should you missed a day, then it might take approximately 60 years to collect the coveted 10,000 hours.

Scientists believe the 10,000 hour rule to be a fantasy . Winners of ancient classical music contests have something nearer to 25,000 hours of training. That is three hours each day for 20 decades. Personally, I do not think there to be a magical number of hours that you will need to practice until you turn into a global super star pianist. There are a lot of factors. The era you begin, is obviously significant. The efficacy and methods of your clinic also must be heavily scrutinized. Irrespective of these factors though, I do not think anybody would assert a large number of hours of careful training are needed to become a professional pianist. For the purpose of this guide, let us assume decades of training.

Your Goals for Learning Piano

Now that we know how much time it is going to probably take to perform in an expert level, let us handle the actual center of the question. The majority of people who ask this are not asking”how long before I win that international piano contest” Most people only need to learn how much time it will take till they feel quite capable if put before a piano. That is where we actually should specify what”fairly capable” means to you.

Learning One Part

Is there one bit that you would like to understand, and that is it? It is possible to learn 1 piece of music (which is not too hard ) pretty quickly with some exercise. There are lots of YouTube tutorials which teach you bits by rote. This signifies is that they play a bit for you and have you ever replicate their finger moves exactly. If you would like to know only 1 part of music, this is probably the best means to learn. Individuals with little to no expertise can learn fairly fast.

The issue with this way is all you are learning is 1 part of music. Learning by rote will not enable you to read straight (unless you’re learning by rote and studying at precisely the exact same time). You won’t have the ability to play with any other bit if you don’t have somebody sit there and educate you by rote again.

So you would like to know only 1 piece? Find out by rote. You will likely learn a good deal of the bit in only a couple hours, even without a great deal of expertise. If you would like to learn how to play the piano, take lessons and learn how to read. Rote playing could possibly be a part of your lessons, but you’ll want to learn how to read.
Reading Music

If your purpose is to have the ability to read music, then we also must know how much you need to do this. Memorizing the notes onto the webpage and also the notes on the keyboard does not need to take over a couple of weeks. Though most pupils will spend considerably longer (sometimes months) studying the notes, that is since they aren’t practicing, or even practicing properly. There is in factn’t a lot to memorize. You merely need to memorize where about 48 notes are on the webpage in regard to your computer keyboard to perform most music. 48 appears to be a lot today that I really type it, but imagine if you just had to incorporate 48 words to find Chinese for instance. I believe everybody would talk it. It will not take a good deal of time. Just concentrated hard work and repeat.

Understanding where the notes are about the webpage is 1 thing, however, and getting your palms really reach them time is another. Let us assume you’re practicing frequently and efficiently, I’d suppose you could feel quite comfortable reading straightforward music first time you see it in about 6 weeks. Most individuals aren’t likely to practice that nicely and always though, so approximately 3 years is probably a better guess normally.

To be able to feel capable studying intermediate music on sight expect to add another 7 years into that. This is a fairly hard ability to develop.

For people that wish to emphasise my quotes, yes I know these are almost entirely random numbers and it might require an individual less, or a great deal more time to find out. But I feel like it is a disservice to the people asking the question when we do not at least try to provide some tangible answers.

Popular Music

Not interested in classical? Well you are in luck. You simply reduce the time that it takes you to learn from a long time. Popular music, in the difficulty standpoint, isn’t even in precisely the exact same ballpark as classical music. As soon as you are feeling comfortable studying music, and understanding chords and chord construction you can be a fairly capable pop pianist. Give it 3-5 decades of training, and many people that hear you’ll be impressed.


That I believe that the reason that this question gets asked so often is because the individual asking the question is expecting that in a couple of months they could learn how to play the piano well. Regrettably that will never occur. If you are not thinking about making this part of your daily life for at least a couple of decades, you might wind up being just one of these individuals who”took piano lessons” but can not play just one bit of music.

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