Guitar Lessons Mississauga

In our 20 years of Expertise providing music Education in Mississauga, We’ve Discovered that

Private guitar lessons offer the best outcomes — and also the best value — for all our pupils. The

Individual focus and tailoring of this program to fit your tastes, schedule and

Playing abilities enables you to learn quicker and concentrate on the facets of your technique which need

The most aid.

It’s uncommon to have two or more pupils with similar music tastes, levels of

Proficiency and learning styles. We generally urge private guitar lessons for

Beginners and advanced pupils. But, We’ll Think about a group lesson alternative on

A case by case basis; therefore please inquire.

Electric Guitar Lessons

Whether you are a budding rock star, intermediate blues guitarist or realized bass

Participant, our Mississauga music teachers will be able to help you better your electric guitar playing.

For novices, electrical guitar lessons begin with the Fundamentals — introduction and pruning

Into the strings and frets. You will quickly move to 3-string chords and basic strumming,

Also it will not be long before it’s possible to play your initial recognizable tune.

For more advanced gamers our electrical guitar lessons comprise harder musical

Selections, innovative picking and fingering techniques, and exercises to boost speed

And endurance. You will advance to two-hand tapping, vibrato, chord progressions, guitar

Phrasing and a few killer shredding licks. Advanced electrical guitar lessons also include

Education on music theory, sweep picking, hammer-ons and pull-offs.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

We Provide acoustic guitar lessons for players of all ability levels and musical genre

preferences. For novices, we begin with an introduction into the guitar, tuning and

The way to string the tool. The student will immediately advance to fundamental chords, studying

Music and education about the best way best to practice.

More experienced students will be educated advanced picking techniques, chords, and slurs, together with arpeggios and stretching exercises to increase hand speed, strength and flexibility. Advanced education also covers music theory, harmony and chord theory, and guitar phrasing.

Classical Guitar Lessons

Classical Guitar is usually Known as Spanish Guitar or Flamenco Guitar. It’s distinguished from electric or acoustic guitars due to non-metallic strings and a very unique pair of fingering techniques.

In OPSMA music school in Mississauga, our classical guitar lessons have been intended to educate you on these techniques — while still enjoying with music you and your friends will love. Our teachers pick a set of progressively challenging guitar bits for you which will progressively enhance your stamina, flexibility and enjoying technique — permitting you to perform more intriguing and pleasing music.

Bass Guitar Lessons

For people who are only beginning, our start electric bass lessons instruct you how you can listen to the instrument, the way to hold the guitar how to set and move your fingers on the frets and thumb across the neck. Students will quickly advance to fundamental riffs, slides and falls. Just like all our schooling, you have to decide on the type of music you prefer, and you set the speed at which you improve.

Lessons for experienced bass players ensure complex strumming and fingering techniques, playing chords and harmonics on the bass guitar, and mastering harder songs. Students may also benefit from that our Mississauga digital recording studio to appraise their technique, combine backup tracks or reduce presentation records.